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Talking to your children or students about their upstairs and downstairs brain is a perfect way to help children understand and recognize their emotions.


When you are in your upstairs brain, you feel good! You are happy and content and it's easy to focus and learn. But sometimes big emotion hit us and we become angry, sad, or embarrassed, pulling us into our downstairs brain. In our downstairs brain, we use all of our energy in our emotions and it becomes impossible to focus and learn.


This product includes two posters. One that explains the emotions that are in the upstairs and downstairs brain as well as a poster that explains the things we can and cannot do when we are in each section of our brain.


This product also includes 2 small booklets. One booklet to help your child identify their emotion (14 cards total, 12 different emotions) and another booklet to help your child find calming strategies (20 cards total, 18 different strategies).


Emotion cards included:














Strategy cards included:

Count to 10

Take deep breaths

Drink some water

Think of happy things

Do jumping jacks

Read a book

Do yoga

Write a letter

Relax in bean bag chair

Play with sensory toys

Chew gum

Sit on a body ball

Stack blocks

Go for a walk

Push against a wall

Listen to music

Balance books on my head



This is a digital download. After you purchase, you will immediately be able to download the PDF and print! 

Calming Strategies | Upstairs/Downstairs Brain Social Emotional Learning

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