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Use this linear calendar in your early childhood classroom to better help your little ones understand the concept of time! Linear calendars are recommended for young learners. Linear calendars introduce number lines, teach "before" and "after," and allow learners to visualize time.

This linear calendar also includes weather cards to attach to the calendar, a weather graph, and a clip thermometer.

After printing and putting together this calendar, it will be roughly 8.3 inches tall and 65 inches long (almost 5.5 feet long). 

There are...

5 different designs for the months

35 special events/holiday cards, "home day" and "school day" cards (though I personally only put home days on my calendar)

8 different weather card choices...
partly cloudy

This is a digital download. Once you purchase, you will be able to download and print everything from home or school!

Linear Calendar and Weather Graph

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