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10 Quick Ways to Practice Self Love as a Parent

As a mom (or dad), it’s hard to find “me time.” I TOTALLY get it! But here’s the thing, taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.

It‘s so easy to put your own needs on the back burner when you’re a parent, but honestly, sometimes you need to put yourself first. You can’t show up for your kids if you’re not consciously taking care of yourself. And not only that, but your kids see the way you treat yourself. They learn by watching you. If you practice self love, then they will learn how to love themselves as they grow up.

Your kids see the way you treat yourself. They learn by watching you.

Taking care of yourself will look different for every single person. For some, it may be hitting the gym. For others, it could be cutting back on the alcohol or putting the phone away after 5 pm.

Although there are many different ways to practice self love, here are 10 quick ways to practice self love as a parent:

  1. Take a hot shower. And I don’t mean a rushed shower where you have to skip shaving your legs because your child is sitting on the bathroom floor crying. Find someone to keep an eye on your kids (or wait until nap time). Then take your time showering! If it’s a 20 min shower, then it’s a 20 min shower 🤷🏼‍♀️. Relax and enjoy the few minutes of “me time.”

  2. Go for a walk. This one you can even do with your kids. Let them ride their bikes or push them in the stroller. Getting some fresh air and being with nature does wonders for your mental health!

  3. Eat a healthy snack. For some reason, eating something you know is healthy just feels refreshing! My go to snack is baby carrots with peanut butter (bonus: it’s also a kid friendly snack!)

  4. Put the phone down. While this might seem the opposite of “me time” (sometimes our phones act as an escape from life), putting the phone away is actually an awesome form of self love! We spend WAY too much time in front of our devices, and it takes a huge toll on our mental health (whether we realize it or not). Putting the phone away gives you time to focus on you and allows you to give your undivided attention to your family.

  5. Schedule a massage or nail appointment. Okay… so the actually appointment might not be very fast, but scheduling the appointment only takes seconds… so I’m counting it!

  6. Have “quiet time.” I know, I know… what even is quiet time when you have a house full of kids?! But I promise you, it IS doable! Set a time where everyone in your family is participating in “quiet time.” They can either be napping, reading, or doing a quiet individual activity (not playing with each other because this quickly becomes loud).

  7. Freshen up! Seriously. Stop what you’re doing and go wash your face and brush your teeth. It’s crazy how something so simple can make you feel 1000% better!

  8. Dance like no one is watching. Yes… I really just said that. The thing is, moving your body can be a huge stress reliever. AND kids love to dance (plus they don’t judge your terrible dance moves)!

  9. Imagine your happy place. Yup… I also really just said that one too. There’s a reason people say it though! Take a moment, close your eyes, and visualize yourself somewhere pleasant. Maybe it’s a warm beach where you can feel your bare feet in the sand and hear the waves gently crashing onto the shore. Or maybe you’re in a grassy field with fresh flowers blooming nearby. Or maybe it’s your grandmother’s kitchen table and you can smell warm cookies baking in the oven. Whatever it is, let your mind imagine that place for a few moments.

  10. Give someone a hug. They say that hugging someone you love for 20 seconds a day alleviates stress! The more you think about it, this isn’t surprising at all. Why else would kids ask for hugs when they are sad? (hint hint: hugs release endorphins) And the great thing about being a parent, you have plenty of people right in your house that would love a hug!

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