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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers this Christmas

Updated: May 26

If you're like me, coming up with stocking stuffers is one of the hardest parts of gift giving. It's even harder when you're trying to find stocking stuffers for toddlers!

I've compiled a list to help you take some of the work out of this season. Read below for stocking stuffer ideas for your little toddlers! Simply click on the photos and it'll take you right to the link to purchase!

First up are these Christmas themed pop its! My toddlers LOVE poking at these pop it's and they are perfect to carry in the diaper bag or keep in the car. Plus they're relatively inexpensive!

Christmas themed pop-its

Next are Sarah's Silks Mini Rainbow Streamers! We are actually planning to put these in our own toddlers' stockings this year! They are perfect for pretend play, dancing to music, and gymnastics play.

Sarah's Silks mini rainbow streamers

Of course, you can't forget the simple toothbrush in a stocking! I love these because not only are the fun, they also stand up on their own! These are also going in our toddlers' stockings this year.

giraffe and alligator toothbrushes for toddlers

Next up are these educational Pop Bloc Farm Animals. Your toddler can match (or mix match) the animals and practice their fine motor skills as they push the animals together and pull them apart.

Pop Bloc Farm Animals

You can never go wrong with bath toys when it comes to toddlers! These bath boats are magnetic, meaning your toddler can link them together (think old school Thomas the trains) and create a "boat train." Plus, the primary colors help reinforce color identification.

primary colored bath boats

If you have a younger toddler, closer to 12 months, these egg shaped crayons are a perfect stocking stuffer! They're washable and ways for your little one to grab and scribble with.

washable palm grasp crayons

Another great option for a stocking stuffer are spinning tops! I like the ones below because they are larger than the average spinning top, meaning I don't have to worry about my toddler putting them in their mouth!

wooden table top spinners

These water bottles are my ABSOLUTE favorite for toddlers! They have spill proof lids and when I say spill proof, I mean they are TRULY spill proof! We have 4 of these water bottles between our two toddlers and honestly, we need more. My kids keep them in their bedrooms at night and my one toddler even sleeps with his in bed 😂. We've never had issues with them leaking, even when they leave the straw up! (Can you tell I'm a big fan of these water bottles??)

leak proof contigo water bottles for kids

Another stocking stuffer option are these lock and key toys. They're for ages 1-4, but I'd say they are better fit for 2+. Your toddler can really work on their fine motor skills with these!

toddler lock and key toys

A non-toy option are these food pouch tops. My one year old toddler has a tendency to squeeze their apple sauce pouches, so these tops have come in handy! Your toddler has to bite down and suck in order to get the apple sauce out... meaning no more random spills! These are also super handy to have when out and about because you can simply put the cap on and save the pouch for later.

food pouch tops

Of course, you can never go wrong with good ole Playdoh! Whether you get full sized or mini sized containers, they're always perfect for play at home or even in restaurants (yay for avoiding screen time!)

play-doh cups stacked

If you're going the Playdoh route, you might as well include some Playdoh tools! All of the tools in this kit are fairly small, meaning they will easily sit in the stocking once taken out of the package.

animal themed playdoh cookie cutters

Depending on the size of your stockings, these might be hit or miss if they fit. Regardless, these reusable water "painting" books make an excellent Christmas gift! We have a few of these at home and my toddlers love them. They're great to carry in the diaper bag and pull out during car rides or at restaurants. The pen can easily be stored in the plastic on the front of the cover and your toddlers can color without you having to fear the mess!

water wow! books

Okay, I feel like this construction spoon and fork set doesn't even need an explanation. How stinkin fun are these?! What toddler wouldn't love scooping up their food with these construction trucks?

construction spoon and fork set

We got these socks last year for my toddler and they are not only adorable, but the grips are unbelievable! They don't slip AT ALL! Although I will warn you, these socks can make it difficult to put shoes on because of how non slip they are. But for a newly walking toddler, these are a must!

animal themed toddler socks with grips

You may have even had these growing up! We recently got our toddler glow in the dark stars for his bedroom ceiling to help him transition into his new bedroom. He loves them! These would definitely make a great stocking stuffer.

glow in the dark stars for bedroom ceilings

Another fun and easy stocking stuffer for toddlers are these egg shakers! They are the perfect size for the stocking. We got these last year for our toddlers and they still regularly play with them. Cue the concerts 🤣!

painted egg shaped rattles

If your toddlers are like mine, they fall... a lot. These mini reusable ice packs are perfect for those bumps and bruises that all toddlers inevitably get as they are learning to walk, run, and balance. We are putting these in our three kids' stockings this year!

dinosaur themed mini reusable ice packs for kids

We put these exact animal fleece slippers in our toddlers' stockings last year! They're adorable and the grip is decent too. My kids still love wearing them around the house.

animal fleece slippers for toddlers

We are putting these mirrors in our toddlers' stockings this year! Although we are splitting the mirrors up among their cousins too (we really don't need 6 mirrors at home). These mirrors are perfect for helping your toddler to identify their emotions, practice their speech, and develop body awareness.

hand held shatter proof mirrors from learning resources

These are another fun bath toy for toddlers. We have these Dive and Grab Fishing Game Set at home and both our toddlers love scooping up the fish, making their colors, and finding the matching fish.

plastic fish and two fish nets bath toy

If you have a toddler in preschool or daycare, these personalized keychains are fun to attach to their backpacks! We put these in the stockings last year for both our toddler and his 6 year old cousin. This might not be for everyone though! Some people like having no their child's names on things, others do not for safety reasons.

personalized name key chains

Another great stocking stuffer idea is a photo album! We have this one and we have filled it with photos of our different family memebers and included their names at the bottom of their photo. Our kids LOVE pulling these out and naming their family members.

baby's first family photo album

I hope this blog post helped you out a bit! I know how crazy the holiday season gets, especially when it comes to planning everything.

*This article includes affiliate links, meaning I may make commission if you purchase a product (at no additional cost to you).