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Center Signs for Pre K

Updated: May 2, 2020

If you are an early childhood educator, then you probably know the importance of labeling EVERYTHING in your classroom. The children in your classroom are newbies at school, so you have to show them where everything belongs! Center signs are one of the fundamental items you need in your preschool or early childhood classroom!

l personally am OBSESSED with center signs. I feel like I update my classroom signs every single year. I guess that's just what happens when you are a teacher who loves to decorate... and redecorate... and redecorate again!

If you want to make your own center signs, I definitely recommend sitting in your classroom with a pen and paper. Yes IN your actual classroom. Not at home, not in the teachers' lounge, in your classroom. In the past, I have made center signs at home and then got to my classroom and realized that I totally forgot a center or two. Out of sight, out of mind! So, yes, make your list of centers that you need to make signs for while you are actually sitting in your classroom.

You can absolutely make your own signs or (if you're like most busy teachers and don't have the spare time) you can use some that I have made. I have a variety of different center signs on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. They all have 24 signs with images, and 24 signs without images so that way as the year gets going, you can take photos of your students at each center and attach those image to the sign instead!

These signs have everything you could possibly need, from "Light Table" and "Salt Trays" to "iPads" and even "Calming Corner." Oh, and of course there are your typical centers such as "Blocks," "Writing," and "Science." I even included a "Teacher's Center" in case you have your very own center within your classroom!

If you can't find a center that you need, feel free to reach out to me and I can create one just for you!

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to see what set of center signs are perfect for you!

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