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The Benefits of Reading the Same Book Over and Over

Have you noticed that your little one continuously brings the SAME book to you to read? And of course, it's probably your least favorite book! But have you ever stopped to think there might be a reason why young children gravitate to familiar books?

Rereading the same book over and over again helps improve comprehension and vocabulary.

Studies have shown that re-reading the same book actually helps children better understand the story. Just like we, as adults, sometimes need to reread information that's new to us, young children need to do the same!

Not only does re-reading the same book help your little learner comprehend the story and information, it also helps boost their vocabulary! Hearing a word once during a story isn't enough for your child to learn that new word. Your child has to hear the word over and over again (approximately 10 times) before they can use that word in their own vocabulary.

Another reason toddlers constantly seek out the same book is simply because it is familiar and comforting to them. It's just like how we have our own familiar items that are comforting. Maybe it's a comfy pillow or blanket, a favorite mug, or hey! maybe even a favorite book!

The best thing you can do is reread those same books daily.

The best thing you can do is read a few books during your reading session, and reread those same books daily. What I personally do is pick out some books for my little one to have access to that I enjoy reading. That way I'm not "stuck" reading books I don't like. I know we all have THAT book that we really rather not read again for the hundredth time. I have baskets of books in each room that we typically play in (bedroom, living room, and basement). In each basket I keep anywhere between 4-10 books.

Here is a picture of the book basket we have in our living room!

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